Our Mission:

To capture the imagination of the healthy living market place while demonstrating the viability of recycling, sustainability and renewable energy of Finger Lakes wine grapes...but ultimately, we want people to have fun when they cook their foods! Food is about community, family, loved ones, food is a centerpiece of all our lives, food brings us together and should always be celebrated! 

Core Values:

Providing consumers with healthy, unique food products from historically discarded materials is our purpose. To meet this purpose we strive for excellence through the following core values.

Research: We view learning as a life long process and education as a shared experience, we are a community of researchers.

Demonstration: We embrace innovation, exploration and imagination in the field and in day-to-day production activities.

Leadership: There are inherent risks when introducing a new product to a market. Without risk and persistence, we would not be leaders.

Community: We recognize Sustainable Viticulture Systems as part of a larger dynamic community and commit ourselves to both our Finger Lakes community and the community at large.

Sustainability: We use resources in responsible ways to achieve balance among our economic, environmental and social practices. We are always striving to be better environmental stewards.

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New York State is the fourth largest producer of wine in the United States. In the Finger Lakes, there are over 54,000 tons of grapes produced every year. With production numbers on the rise, it is important to establish alternative food systems for grape seeds and skins. At Sustainable Viticulture Systems our alternative is grape skin and grape seed flour, blended to make wine flour. A soft, dense powder that can be used in gluten free baking or as an additive for high protein and high fiber diets (among many other things!) 

Hilary Niver-Johnson, founder and owner of Sustainable Viticulture Systems, is an entrepreneur who is grounded in the food science, viticulture and healthy food industry. Additionally, Sustainable Viticulture Systems strives to celebrate all that is food. In the Finger Lakes, there is an eclectic array of Finger Lakes artisanal products, Finger Lakes farm to table restaurants and numerous other food entreprenuers and retailers that make being a part of this industry rewarding and exciting. 

Our operation is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes overlooking Seneca Lake in Hector, NY. The small processing center is developed under joint standards of sustainable environment, economy and society  to ensure that the highest quality food products are brought to market.   

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