Pinot Noir: 

As our lightest red wine flour you will be surprised by the bursts of flavor and fruitiness that initially hit your tongue.  These flavors turn peaty with a slight taste of dark cherry bourbon and root spices to finish on the palate.

Suggested Recipes:

Meatballs, Steak Rubs, Soup Thickener, Chili, Fruit Pies (namely cherry), Swiss Steak 

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Cabernet Sauvignon: 

As our more robust wine flour there will be an intense pop of berry flavors to hit your tongue with a flash of tannins and earthiness followed by a lingering finish of sour cherry!

Suggested Recipes:

Meatballs, Steak Rubs, Soup Thickener, Brownies, Flourless Chocolate Cake 


our sweetest wine flour variety is balance with flavors of honeysuckle, graham cracker, green apple, a dash of citrus leading to a lightly acidic finish

Suggested Recipes:

Apple Pie, Cupcakes, Breads/Breading, Crackers, Cookies, Macaroni & Cheese

What We Do... 
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  • Truffles 
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Our Riesling...

Riesling was the second variety we processed in our facility last fall.  Our Riesling wine flour was milled using pomace from Hector Wine Company and Red Newt Cellars. This variety has been the most difficult to process, the Riesling pomace was over 60% moisture coming into the facility, and when we received whole cluster Riesling pomace our seed cleaner threw a bit of a fit... All of the white varieties come with a few other surprises that we intend to minimize in year number two. Ultimately, a few thousand hours of sweat, tears and laughs has brought you Finger Lakes Riesling Wine Flour and all of the other flours available on this website. ​​

Our Cabernet Sauvignon...

We didn't receive any Cabernet Sauvignon seeds and skins until the last week we collected from the wineries. Red varieties were blessings to us in the crazy time we like to call grape harvest. Their shelf life was significantly longer than white varieties and processing red varieties left a more intense wine smell in our facility. Cabernet Sauvignon was a dream to process up until we decided it was a good idea to blend unrefined seed and skin flour. however, our final Cabernet Sauvignon product is a beautiful dense powder packed with nutrition and flavor.


Our wine flours come from wine-grapes grown in the Finger Lakes of New York. The flours are made from 100% grape seeds and skins.
After the wineries press the grapes for their juice, the pomace is transported just a few miles to our small flour mill located in Hector, NY.
The grape seeds and skins are hand sorted, separated, sun dried and artisan stone milled. Our wine flours are meant to supplement your recipes with flavor, color and nutrition. In addition to antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, each tablespoon adds two grams of protein and three grams of fiber!Please use our Wine Flour with other flours as it is a baking, cooking and nutritional supplement

We are proud of our natural and healthy products.

Sun dried seeds and skins keep harmful heat chemicals out, while keeping nutrition in. 

Additionally, the seeds are cold pressed and stone milled. Further minimizing heat chemicals. 

Using refurbished farm equipment gives old machines a new purpose. 

Our process produces zero organic waste and increases the viability of agriculture.

In each tablespoon of Wine Flour you add 2 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber!

​Wine flour is great for our heart because of its natural source of antioxidants and polyphenols. Additional vitamins and minerals found in our flours are calcium, magnesium and potassium!  Our wine flours are more water absorbing than traditional flours. Keep this in mind when you are using our flours in your recipes!

Cabernet Franc: 

An initial, extra dry, crispiness turns to soft, supple and fruity as the flour continues over your palate.  A finish of red berry mellows your need to pucker up leaving a sweet aftertaste and the want to try more!

Suggested Recipes:

Soup thickener, Meatballs, Steak Rubs, Brownies, Fruit Pies, Cupcakes

Red Blend: 

An initial rich, deep sweetness of red berries brings this fruit forward, medium dry wine flour to finish with light flavors of apple pie, leaving your taste buds wondering...what happened, and wanting more.

Suggested Recipes:

Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, cupcakes, steak and/or pork rubs, cookies


Want a little spice to your life?  This wine flour will provide a vibrant floral fragrance to your recipes with a strong spicy finish on the tongue.

Suggested Recipes:

Crackers, Soup Thickener, Chicken and/or Pork Rubs, Mac and Cheese, Cupcakes, Cookies


An upfront, fast-moving sweetness will hit your tongue with flavors of brambleberry and rhubarb; this Merlot is a mild wine flour that ends in its sweet tooth with citrus overtones, light tannins and a soft fruity finish.

Suggested Recipes:

Meatballs, Steak Rubs, Soup Thickener, strawberry rhubarb pie, cupcakes, cookies